RSS is a great way to hear about new blog posts, but some blogs only provide email newsletters. Thankfully Mailchimp supports RSS!

Cracking the code

  1. Provide your email to the newsletter signup form.
  2. Record the URL of the subscription confirmation page. It will be something like the following.
                        ────                                ─────────────────────────────────────────
                    routing code                                         list identifier

    Note the following attributes from the URL.

    • routing_code: us17
    • list_identifier: u=1143ef2ae4c2f267d492eb9cc&id=3184b747b9
  3. use the routing_code and list_identifier to fill out the “Campaign Archive” or “RSS Feed” links below.

The campaign archive page shows old posts, so you can view any you may have missed.

  • format: https://<routing_code><list_identifier>
  • example:

You can subscribe to the RSS feed link with any feed reader.

  • format: https://<routing_code><list_identifier>
  • example: